La Gracette has been in the family for five generations.

La Gracette  is a family owned company specialising in short term and holiday lettings in the south east of France. The original property, La Gracette was a small holding in the countryside near Aix en Provence and has been in the family for five generations.


When Raphaelle, in whose family « La Gracette » or "Little Grace » was handed down from generation to generation and her American born husband, Dana Chivers, a professional classical guitarist from California , arrived in Provence over 25 years ago, they began transforming the property into what it is today.


Both Raphaelle, renowned jewellery designer who trained as an engineer at the famous Polytechnique Féminine in Paris, and Dana, are passionate about environmental questions, the future of mankind and our planet.

The original farmhouse dates from the 17th century and although most of the land had been sold by the time of their arrival they set upon transforming the remaining land into a traditional Provencal garden complete around a large central fish pond with bio-dynamic vegetable production, fruit trees for the family’s use.

Today their son David, imminent violinist who has traveled the world over many times with his busy concert career also takes an interest in maintaining the family tradition.